Make your stories bulletproof. Fact-checking tips from the world's best journalists

Wether you're an experienced investigative journalist or you’re just making your first steps into the exciting world of reporting, fact-checking must be your foundation.

We’ve selected a list of sources for you to learn of refresh your news verification skills.

Making Stories Ironclad & Bulletproof Line-by-Line, by Nils Hanson, former Investigative Editor for Swedish Television. An in-depth look at newsroom fact-checking and bulletproofing prior to publication or broadcast, presented at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference (2019).

Bellingcat’s Digital Forensics Tools, a rich list of open-source verification and investigation tools and methods.

GIJN’s Four Quick Ways to Verify Images on a Smartphone by Raymond Joseph. (2021)

Six Fake News Techniques and Simple Tools to Vet Them, by Olga Yurkova, Ukraine’s StopFake co-founder. She describes six fraud scenarios along with step-by-step instructions on vetting their accuracy or inaccuracy.

Advanced Guide to Verifying Video Content, by Aric Toler, Eastern Europe/Eurasia lead researcher and trainer at @bellingcat.

Get Your Facts Straight: The Basics of Fact-Checking, by Deepak Adhikari, editor of South Asia Check, is part of Tactical Tech’s Exposing the Invisible guide to citizen investigation.

Much more sources on investigative journalism:

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