Non-profit organisation Tuleviku Media was established in 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia, with a drive to contribute to a better future of media in Estonia, the Baltics, and beyond. We are working in the field of media, journalism, education, research, and consulting.

Our partners are media outlets, educational institutions, foundations, NGOs, and other institutions whose mission coincides with ours.

Our mission and aims are:

  • to promote media literacy skills among different social groups.
  • help secure the values of freedom of speech and quality journalism.
  • boost media education to a new level.
  • to share the best journalistic practices and experience to inspire a new generation of journalists.
  • to help institutions and businesses to understand media and audiences better.
  • to contribute to a more open society that values freedom of speech and understands that independent media is one of the key elements of democracy. 

"Tuleviku Meedia" means "media of the future" in Estonian. Because we believe that we can contribute to the future of media - together. 

Julia Rodina - Tuleviku Meedia founder. 

Team and project manager with cross-disciplinary experience. More than 19 years of work in the media, marketing, and education industries.

Including 2019-2021 - brand manager and marketing project manager of the Russian-language brands of Postimees Grupp and Postimees Haridus. 2018-2019 - business consultant at Tallinn Creative Incubator. 2012-2017 - editor-in-chief of RusDelfi. 2017 - guest lecturer at Tallinn University, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School. From 2017 - programme coordinator in Estonia of the Media Centre at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.