We now see journalism in a new light. Feedback from educators who took part in our media literacy project

“It was so inspiring to meet journalists and media professionals, who love what they do and put so much soul and effort into their work. I now look at the journalistic profession in a new light, because the project helped me to see the real standards and struggles of it.” A quote from one of the participants of our media literacy project for educators, which we organized in April and May.
The project was made possible thanks to the German Embassy in Tallinn - Deutsche Botschaft Tallinn.

“Thanks to this project I not only learner the necessary skills but also got the inspiration to start producing our school’s TV news. I plan to organize a video training for the active pupils who would like to take part in this project,” said another participant. 

You can read RusERR news portal's article about the project - here.

28 teachers and youth workers from Tallinn, Harjumaa and Narva participated in the lectures, master-classes, discussions, networking events and visited Estonian Public Broadcasting offices and studios.

How to keep up with media, fact-check any news and posts, use AI tools and how to create media literacy classes - those and many more topics were covered by our project for educators on April 25-28.

On May 27 together with Tuleviku Meedia founder Julia Rodina educators learned what are the news standards, how to shoot and edit with a mobile phone, and created four video news pieces. Mobile journalism tools and creating videos was the topic of our follow-up training for teachers.

Many thanks to our amazing partners: Rus.ERR, ETV+, Raadio 4! We are very grateful to our great lecturers and mentors: Julia Rodina, Andrei Titov, Tatjana Gassova, Jekaterina Taklaja, Julia Bali, Julia Tisler.
Our second media literacy project Future Media+ Camp took place in Tallinn
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